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With its extensive experience and customer-oriented service policy, METAKSAN ELEKTRIK  is proud to be one of the leading manufacturers of cable management solutions in Turkey. In its 5000 m2 full automated facility METAKSAN ELEKTRIK have all the resources to guarantee the highest effeciency and speed of delivery.

METAKSAN ELEKTRIK, which has grown rapidly since the first day it was founded, is continuously expanding its production and activity fields. Continiously growth and non stop investment in productive equipments allow us to offer high quality and competative range of cable trays that contributes to the customer satisfaction.

In our facility we have production capacity 1,500 tons per month (approximately 1.200.000 mt) of cable trays, cable ducts, cable ladders, wire mesh cable trays and pipe systems.

METAKSAN ELEKTRIK, along with continious investment to its main activity to cable management systems, grows further by adding other electrical materials such as grounding and lightning protection equipments, distribution boxes and industrial sockets.

With a total quality management approach, METAKSAN ELEKTRIK have gained reliable business partners in many countries around the world. Expanding day by day through a network of sales, we are proud to export %70 of our production to more than 50 countries all around the world.

METAKSAN ELEKTRIK has branches, distributors and authorized dealers in Istanbul, Ankara, Konya, Izmir and Bursa in Turkey, and in UK, France, Italy, Czech Republic, Romania, Ukraine, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, Algeria, Egypt, Ethiopia, Kenya and Nigeria abroad.

METAKSAN ELEKTRIK performs its activities in accordance with ISO 9001 Quality Management Standards and TS EN 61537 (IEC 61537) Cable Management Systems

Our quality policy is to offer quality items and services that would meet requirements of our customers for competitive prices, to make timely deliveries and to ensure continuance of service and quality. Our target is constantly producing high quality items. Our basic target is to be a world brand at our field of operation.

We are gratefull for trust you place in our products and in our company.