METAKSAN ELEKTRIK performs its activities in accordance with ISO 9001 Quality Management Standards and TS EN 61537 (IEC 61537) Cable Management Systems.

◊ ISO 9001:2008 (Qaulity management certificate)                                ◊ CE (Declaration of Comformity for cable tray systems EN 61537)

ISO 9001 2008 (Qaulity management certificate)jpg_Page1                                 CE EN 61537png_Page1

◊ TS EN 61537

TSE EN 61537- ING 2017jpg_Page1 TSE EN 61537- ING 2017jpg_Page2


◊ EN ISO 1461 (hdg finish certificate)                                                          ◊ ISO IEC 17025

EN ISO 1461_hot dip galvanisation certificatejpg_Page1           ISO 17025jpg_Page1

◊ CE (Declaration of Comformity for Lightning protection components (LPC) EN 50164-2)

CE EN 50164-2jpg_Page1


◊ Mill certificates