Metaksan Elektrik continuously renews and develops its understanding of “quality production”. Fundamental principles of the customer based “Quality Management System” established by Metaksan Elektrik are as follows:

Continuously expanding production and activity fields,

Non stop investment in productive equipments to offer higher quality and ensure customer satisfaction

Immediate customer responce,

Timely delivery of products and services

Ensuring that the product and service quality is maximized to ensure best and utmost customer satisfaction,

Providing high quality products with competitive prices,

Providing adequate level of employment in management,

To enhance the efficiency of the customer-focus quality management system that we established.



Our quality policy is to offer quality items and services that would meet requirements of our customers for competitive prices, to make timely deliveries and to ensure continuance of service and quality. Our target is constantly producing high quality items. Our basic target is to be a world brand at our field of operation.